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What Is My Claim Worth?

Legally speaking, your claim is worth whatever you agree to settle it for, or what a jury awards you.

Most cases result in settlements before a trial. The amount of a settlement depends on how well your lawyers have prepared your case, the types of witnesses and documentation submitted on your behalf, and the persistence and reputation of your lawyers in relentlessly pursuing the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Whether your case is settled or tried to a jury, many factors typically go into the evaluation of a case, the most common of which are:

  • How sincere and credible you appear vs. how sincere and credible the defendant appears.
    • We spend a significant amount of time preparing our clients for depositions and trials so that their sincerity and credibility are appreciated
  • The credibility of other witnesses in the case.
    • Each side will call occurrence witnesses and expert witnesses. We make sure that the experts we retain to help you, are adequately advised and prepared about the case so that their testimony is helpful and credible. Unlike some law firms and insurance companies, we do not repeatedly hire the same expert doctors to come and testify in court. We do not select or pay doctors to make a case a for us; rather, we work with our clients' doctors.
  • How traumatic, severe or aggravated are the circumstances of your case?
    • Were you attacked by a vicious animal? Was the car wreck a total loss, or did it involve a drunk driver? Was the injury or death caused by a nursing home neglecting a senior citizen? These are passionate issues that affect jurors' perceptions.
  • The strength and amount of medical evidence gathered to prove your injury and its consequences.
    • Here we attempt to produce expert testimony to bolster our claims that your injury has significant consequences and long term effects.
  • The extent of financial losses.
    • What were the medical expenses, lost income and benefits? Will there be ongoing future losses?
  • The severity of your injury and its long term effects on your life.
    • How does the injury affect your career, your family life and recreation?
    • Are there any permanent restrictions, limitations, disfigurement, pain, discomfort and disability?
  • Where the case can be filed.
    • Certain venues are known to be made up of conservative jurors, where others are more liberal.

When The Glassman Law Firm, P.C. evaluates your claim for purposes of settlement or trial, we will review all of these factors with you in detail so that you can best decide how to proceed.

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