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About Missouri

Warren County, Missouri contains several incorporated cities, some of which include Foristell, Wright City, Truesdale, Treloar, Marthasville, Lake Sherwood, Innsbrook and Warrenton, the county seat. Warren County is one of 114 counties in Missouri and reported a 2004 estimated population of 27,809. This figure represents an increase of 13.4%, from the official 2000 U.S. Census. With a population density of 56.9 persons per square mile, Warren County’s 431 square miles remains primarily rural and agriculturally based.

The Missouri River forms the southern border of Warren County. Interstate 70 crosses the county east to west and passes through Warrenton, near the county’s northern border. St Louis, MO, in neighboring St. Charles County, is the closest Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and lies approximately 48 miles east of the Warren County border.

In 1833, the Missouri Legislature created Warren County from the eastern portion of Montgomery County, naming the area after General Joseph Warren, a Revolutionary War hero. The first County Court conveyed in the home of Mordecai Morgan in May of 1833. Residents built the first courthouse in 1838 at a cost of $2,600, and the next courthouse in 1870 for $25,240, which served the county until 1995. The current courthouse first housed county offices in 1997. Other county buildings over the years included the Circuit Clerk/Recorder of Deeds building, jail and administration building.

With 37 established manufacturing firms, this category was the leader in total Warren County employees, with approximately $242 million in sales receipts reported in the 1997 Economic Census. While Warren County, Missouri does receive farm subsidies, the average numbers of recipients receive an average group total of only $2.5 million per year, a small amount when compared with the national averages. The number of female-owned and minority-owned businesses in Warren County is miniscule. Per capita income as reported in 1999 was $19,690 and median household income was $41,016.

The Warren County Public Educational System divides into two operating districts. The countywide district is based in the county seat of Warrenton and consists of two elementary schools, one middle school and a senior high. These four entities serve the entire county with the exception of Wright City. Wright has its own school district consisting of an elementary school and a senior high school. They share their middle school (grades 6-8) with their neighbor to the east, Lincoln County. There are four private schools in Warren County, MO. Three are Roman Catholic elementary level schools offering a kindergarten through eight-grade education. A forth school of Methodist affiliation offers a complete kindergarten through high school program. The University of Missouri Warren County Extension offers classes and community extension services in many areas including agriculture, business development, and environmental quality, in addition to programs designed to help with children and teens, family life and nutrition / health.

The Warren County Fair is held each year in Warrenton during the first week of July centered on the July 4 th Holiday. Staged at the Warren County Fairgrounds, it has all of the usual amenities of a rural county fair and is jointly sponsored by the Warren County 4-H and the Future Farmers of America.

Animal lovers will identify with a slightly different type of animal rescue operation run in Warren County. It is Wesa-A-Geh-Ya, dedicated to the Rescue & Survival of Endangered Species. They shelter several kinds of exotic animals as a non-profit organization with no government funding. In operation for over 20 years, it is family operated with the assistance of volunteers and donations from people who want to help these rare animals. They have mostly big cats such as tigers, lions and cougars, plus an assortment of Arctic wolves and Timber wolves.

Recreation in Warren County centers on enjoying the great outdoors, starting with the Daniel Boone Conservation Area. Fishing in five stocked ponds, seasonal hunting and a beautiful five-mile foot, bike or horse trail are complimented with a large primitive camping area. Other similar areas include Little Lost Creek Conservation Area and the American Legion Park.

Warren County, Missouri is home to a mixture of old farmhouses, modern ranch style homes and an assortment of upgraded residences of recent vintage. Lifestyle choices abound for everyone in this combination farm town, manufacturing center, and bedroom community of St. Louis, Missouri.

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