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About Missouri

Saint Louis, Missouri brings to mind visions of riverboat gamblers and the Gateway Arches, the sounds of sultry jazz and blues. This vibrant river city pulses with the energy, vitality and glamour that made it famous.

St. Louis sprawls along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, the chief waterway of the U.S. Situated on the eastern border of Missouri, St. Louis sits in the center of the nation, a prime location for transport and distribution of goods. According to the Census 2000, 348,189 people make St. Louis their home. The surrounding St. Louis Metropolitan Area spreads east over five Illinois counties, and west through six Missouri counties. This is the 18 th largest metro area, with a population of more than 2,600,000.

Seventy-nine individual and distinct neighborhoods make up the city of St. Louis, MO. With a widely international population, many of the neighborhoods display a strong ethnic atmosphere. Fondly known as “Little Italy”, The Hill, settled in 1900 by Italian immigrants, holds a famous selection of excellent dining establishments of worldwide repute. Historic Soulard is one of St. Louis’ oldest communities and elegantly restored Victorian architecture graces its streets. An ethnically diverse neighborhood, Soulard offers an eclectic array of music, food and atmosphere. Held here is the Soulard Mardis Gras, the largest Mardis Gras celebration outside of New Orleans. After the devastation of that city during Hurricane Katrina, St. Louis might easily become the premier Mardis Gras destination in the coming years.

Grand Center serves as the cultural center for St. Louis. Found here is a huge array of art galleries, museums, dance theaters, and exquisite eateries. Lafayette Square and Carondelet are quaint residential districts with a surprising range of housing at very affordable prices. Downtown St. Louis keeps the financial heartbeat of the city going. Outside of Chicago, this is the largest business district in the Midwest.

St. Louis contains a number of fine attractions to visit. Tram rides to the top of the famous Gateway Arch provide a stupendous view of the river and the city. The Missouri Botanical Garden develops crucial research and contains stunning horticultural displays. The acclaimed St. Louis Zoo in the immense Forest Park holds more than 700 different species of wildlife. Forest Park hosted the World Fair and is even larger than Central Park in New York City.

The people of St. Louis have always been enthusiastic and supportive sports fans. Fondly known as “Baseball City USA”, St. Louis is home to the Cardinals. Other sports teams include the Rams (football), the Blues (hockey) and the Steamers (soccer).

St. Louis, Missouri remains a colorful and dynamic river city. With a stunning array of cultural diversity, outstanding nightlife and culinary delights, St. Louis is a fine and fascinating destination to reach.

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