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The Insurance Company

Do I Need A Lawyer?

Do you have any legal training in civil wrongs, called torts? Do you understand how legal liability is determined?

Have you had any medical training or education in the evaluation or treatment of injuries? Do you understand medical diagnosis and prognosis?

If your answers to these questions is "yes," then perhaps you are one of the few people who can properly and successfully handle, negotiate and settle his own modest personal injury claim with a claim adjuster. However, most people are trained in other areas of work and have little understanding of their legal rights or the nature of personal injury damages. Therefore, when they or a family member suffer an unfortunate injury caused by the negligence of another person or corporation, they must make one of the most important decisions in their lives: Whether to trust an insurance company claim representative to fairly evaluate and pay their claim, or whether to hire an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in obtaining compensation for his clients.

Let's look at what's at stake. Depending upon the type of case, Missouri statutes of limitation only allow you so long to file a lawsuit (two years for medical malpractice, five years for negligent operation of a vehicle). When a case is settled, you will be asked to sign a release for the insurance company and the responsible person or corporation it insures. Once you have signed that release, you are prevented from ever going to court or making any further claim for your injury, no matter what happens later!

Are you satisfied that you know all you need to know about how your injury may affect your future employment, recreation or personal life? Are you aware of how much juries have awarded people who have similar injuries? Is this a decision you are prepared to make alone?

When facing these difficult decisions that will, or even may, have a significant impact on the quality of your life and financial well being, who do you think will be more concerned, caring and committed to helping you get the best settlement - a claim representative who works for the insurance company, or an expert attorney specializing in personal injury who works for you?

We know that insurance companies do not hire and train people to work in their claim departments to go out and pay injured people a lot of money because they feel sorry for injury victims. The job of the claim adjuster is simple: To either develop evidence to defeat the claim, or to settle it as cheaply a possible. Claim representatives are given raises and promotions based upon how little they can get away with paying on a claim.

At The Glassman Law Firm, P.C., we work only for you. We will ethically and thoroughly prepare your case and relentlessly pursue maximum compensation for you. We do not get paid by an insurance company. We do not earn any fee for our work unless we satisfy you by winning a settlement or verdict. We are your partner in the case, and our fate rests with yours.

We have had clients come to us who have initially handled their own claims with "friendly" insurance adjusters, but then come to us for a free consultation when the adjuster made them a settlement offer. What we do in these matters is to perform a free case review so that you can make an intelligent decision about accepting the insurance company offer, or hiring The Glassman Law Firm, P.C. to work for you. If we do not believe that we can help you net more money after paying our fees than the insurance company is willing to pay you, we will not take your case.

Our sole objective is to do what is in your best interest. This is how we are compensated, and that is why our clients continually refer their friends, co-workers and family members to us. We work days, nights and weekends to do whatever is ethically and legally necessary to win our clients' cases. Our loyalty and commitment is solely devoted to the client. Your success is our success.

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