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Resources/Legal Links

Resources / Links

Car Accidents
Trucking Accidents
Dangerous Premises
Dog Bites
Medical Malpractice
Nursing Home Neglect / Elder Abuse
Product Liability
Wrongful Death
Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

Car Accidents

Auto.Com - news and reviews about the auto industry worldwide

Automobile Recall Database - Office of Defects Investigation, this database allows searches of automobile recalls by year, make and model. The result of a search is a complete report on the recall. It details the number of units affected, dates of manufacture and provides a descriptive summary of the reasons for the recall and any actions that should follow from it.

Better Business Bureau - Auto Insurance - Tips and information on auto insurance. Covers shopping for rates, how to file a claim and avoiding auto insurance fraud.

Center for Auto Safety - Offers experts by state or specialty, information on lemon laws, auto defects and more.

Crash Test.Com - Draws together vehicle crash test data from several sources, compiles assessments of new and used cars generated by federal and insurance sources.

Crashworthiness.Com - Provides announcements regarding defects found in the product of major car manufacturers, browse by maker or defect.

Edmunds.Com - Edmunds car buying guide lists new car prices, used car prices, car comparisons, car buying advice, car rating, car values, auto leasing.

Fatality Analysis Reporting System - Offers a more intuitive and powerful approach for retrieving fatal crash info. Includes research data on all US public highway fatal car crashes, reports, queries and links.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety - leader in finding what works and what doesn’t to prevent crashes and reduce injuries related to car accidents. Survey crash test evaluations, vehicle ratings, and news releases are some of the things found on this site.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Popular and technical information on auto safety, airbags, child safety seats, rollover resistance ratings and highway regulation.

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Trucking Accidents

American Trucking Association - Home page of the American Trucking Association. Contains current news and regulatory topics relevant to the trucking industry.

Department of Transportation - search this site to find information about the department’s organizations, its initiatives, reports and publications. Also has related links and library resources.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - A place to start researching a trucking case. Find links to a variety of databases and related sites.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Responsible for reducing deaths, injuries and economic losses resulting from motor vehicle crashes.

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Dangerous Premises

Residential Building Codes, Construction Standards, Building Permit Information - Provides many resources and links to various codes and standards for both public and private premises.

National Fire Protection Association - NFPA develops, publishes, and disseminates more than 300 consensus codes and standards intended to minimize the possibility and effects of fire and other risks. Virtually every building, process, service, design, and installation in society today is affected by NFPA documents.

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices - Defines the standards used by road managers nationwide to install and maintain traffic control devices on all streets and highways.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration - OSHA’s mission is to assure the safety and health of America’s workers by setting and enforcing standards; providing training, outreach, and education; establishing partnerships; and encouraging continual improvement in workplace safety and health.

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Dog Bites

Prevention and Treatment of Dog Bites - Brought to you by the American Academy of Family Physicians, gives specific advice on how to document, care and treat dog bites.

Home Insurance for Dog Owners - Comprehensive consumer insurance guide for all dog owners.

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Medical Malpractice

Health Finder - A link to select online publications, clearing houses, databases, websites, and support and self-help groups within the medical field.

National Institute of Health - Information on health resources such as CancerNet, AIDS information, and the vNIH information index.

AMA Physician Select Online Doctor Finder - Information on virtually every licensed physician in the U.S., including more than 650,000 M.D.’s.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Two parts of this site will be of interest to lawyers: “Health Information” and “Data and Statistics.” The first offers information on diseases, injuries and disabilities, health risks, specific populations and prevention. The second part leads to various collections of scientific data and health statistics, including the HazDat database of hazardous substance releases and health effects.

eMedicine - Features up-to-date, searchable, peer-reviewed medial journals, online physician reference textbooks, and a full-text article database in 62 medical specialties. This site, with its large and most current internet medical library and clinical knowledge base is available to physicians, medical students, nurses, and other health professionals free of charge.

JCAHO - The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations - The Joint Commission evaluates and accredits more than 15,000 health care organizations and programs in the U.S. whose mission is to continuously improve the safety and quality of care provided to the public through the provision of health care accreditation and related services that support performance improvement in health care organizations.

Merck Manual - Home Edition - This manual retains highly detailed, sophisticated medical information. It adds overviews of anatomy and physiology to help orient readers to the structure and function of specific organs. Offered in a choice of standard, text-based format, or an interactive version with photos, animations, videos and pronunciations.

National Institutes of Health - Offers knowledge to help prevent, detect, diagnose and treat disease and disability, from the rarest genetic disorder to the common cold. There is an array of health libraries providing research news and information, online library catalogs and journals, and links to specific NIH research labs.

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Nursing Home Neglect / Elder Abuse

Administration on Aging - U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services website. Find information on the Older Americans Act, administration on aging, aging network, state and area agencies.

Department of Health & Human Services - Contains overview to Medicare services

Department of Health and Senior Services - Department of Aging Board of Nursing Home Administrators. Helps you select a nursing home, or file a complaint against one.

Estate Planning Links - Extensive collection of estate planning links pointing to sites in estate and gift taxes, elder law, probate, trusts, charitable planning and estate planning software.

Hospice Angel Flight - Charity travel aid for elderly patients. Dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families in need of travel for medical reasons.

Nursing Home Comparisons - Compare results for over 40,000 inspections of more than 500 Missouri nursing homes.

Medicare Information - Medicare plans, long-term care and prescription drug plans. Can compare nursing homes and home care agencies.

Senior Law - Extensive site where senior citizens, their families, attorneys, social workers and financial planners can access information about Elder Law, Medicare, Medicaid, estate planning, trusts and the rights of the elderly and disabled.

Survey Results

Nursing Home Watchlist

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Product Liability

American National Standards Institute - Non-profit organization that administers and coordinates the U.S. voluntary standardization and conformity assessment system. Library and databases are available as well as a list of services, standards, information, events and membership.

American Society of Safety Engineers - Founded in 1911, this is the oldest and largest professional safety organization. Its members manage, supervise and consult on safety, health and environmental issues in industry, insurance, government and education.

American Society for Testing Materials - Provides a global forum for the development and publication of voluntary consensus standards for materials, products, systems and services. ASTM standards serve as the basis for manufacturing, procurement and regulatory activities.

Product Liability Law - Cornell University’s library center summarizes the body of product liability law, discussing its agencies and sharing laws, cases, news and links.

Safety Online - Accident info, products, news and resources for professionals in the occupational safety industry.

Society of Automotive Engineers -For researching technical standards and specifications. This site offers a wealth of information related to designing, building, maintaining and operating motor vehicles or craft for use on land, water or in the air. Complete libraries of standards and specifications, technical papers, books and professional periodicals available.

Standards and Specifications - Provides links to more than 50 collections of full text professional standards and specifications promulgated by organizations such as American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, American Iron and Steel Institute, American National Standards Institute, SAE International and more.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission - Review the most recent product recalls, or search for recalls by product, company or key words. May also review statistical reports analyzing injuries due to a variety of defects. Maintains a searchable library and operates a list serv for press releases, product recalls and safety announcements.

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Wrongful Death

Articles on Death, Dying, Grieving - Many links to various articles on coping with grief, death.

Grief Support - Links to chat rooms and web sites for support groups dealing with grief.

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Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

Brain Injury Resources

Brain Injury Association - Provides information on resources, treatment and care facilities.

Center for Neuro Skills - Brain injury resource guide.

Coma Recovery Association - A non-profit organization for coma and brain injury survivors.

Life With TBI - Resources for surviving traumatic brain injury.

Neurotrauma-Law Nexus - A guide to understanding the legal system’s role in brain injury and spinal cord injury. - Provides information and networking services to the brain injured and their families.

Spinal Cord Injury Resources

Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention, Care & Cure - Non-profit educational group dedicated to the prevention, care and cure of spinal cord and vertebral injury patients.

National Spinal Cord Injury Association - Provides data to assist victims of spinal cord injuries in making choices to improve quality of life and overcome disabilities.

Paralyzed Veterans of America - Non-profit organization providing education and assistance to spinal cord injury patients and the disabled.

Spinal Injury Resource Center - provides a wealth of information explaining the anatomy, physiology and complications of spinal cord injury.

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