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About Missouri

Franklin County, Missouri, named in honor of Benjamin Fran klin, was home to 93,807 people at the time of the Census 2000. This prosperous region has experienced a five-percent surge of growth since that time. Franklin County consists of twelve townships with several cities and towns spread throughout the scenic countryside. Some of the larger cities include Gerald, New Haven, Pacific, St. Clair, Sullivan, Union and Washington.

Union, the seat of Franklin County, serves as the region’s industrial center and supports more than 300 local businesses. Characterized by family farms, gently rolling hills and forestland, Union transcended from boomtown origins into a prosperous bedroom community. East Central College is a top-notch facility that provides higher education for Union’s population of nearly 8,000 residents.

Gerald, blessed with rich farming soil, is found along the Rock Island Railroad in western Franklin County. New Haven is situated in the heart of wine country and is home to the prestigious Robller Vineyard and Winery. This small historic river town was among Franklin County’s earliest settlements and to this day honors John Colter, the locally influential member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Pacific is a history-rich railroad town located along Route 66 and only thirty minutes from the bustling City of St. Louis. St. Clair is a lovely town with more than 4,000 residents and is home to the St. Clair Historical Museum, while the Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum is also nearby.

Sullivan lies amidst the striking setting of Missouri’s Meramec Caverns and State Park area, where activities include biking, canoeing, fishing, hiking and spelunking in Fisher Cave. Sullivan also has several restaurants, and unique shops such as the Sullivan Antique Mall. Washington, MO is a picturesque riverfront community, which is home to the Corn Cob Pipe Museum, Gary Lucy Gallery and the Washington Historical Museum. Other sites of interest found scattered throughout Franklin County include numerous Civil War sites, the Antique Toy Museum, Indian Harvest Trading Center, Jesse James Museum, Purina Farms, Shaw Nature Reserve and several wineries. Many of Franklin County’s interesting attractions lie along the well-known Route 66.

Residents enjoy access to many amenities that ensure an excellent quality of life. Top-notch public and private schools pave the way for East Central College, Franklin County’s 4-year institution, and several technical and junior colleges. There are four hospitals and several excellent clinics to serve the region’s health care needs. In addition, the wide array of neighborhood choices boast crime rates that rank well below the national average.

Franklin County has a strong manufacturing industry which, coupled with small farms, tourism and several local wineries, forms a healthy economy. Some of Franklin County's largest employers include Aerofil Technology, GDX Automotive, Esselte Corp, Klogs USA and Magnet LLC. Franklin County residents earn a median income for a household of $43,474 and the median income for a family averages $50,122 per year.

Franklin County, MO affords residents and visitors a diverse setting with a wide array of potential activities for business or pleasure. This delightful patchwork of communities offers a charming small-town atmosphere that appeals to families and businesses alike.

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